A good website is crucial to the success of your business because it is the first place many of your customers go to know more about your business and make their purchases. 

It is where the first impression is made, and it is where your customer decides if you are worth doing business with or not.

This is why it is important to set up your website for success with the right tools. 

Are you wondering about the best tools to use to optimize your website? You are in the right place. 

This article reveals the top 5 tools you can use to improve your website. Let’s dive in. 

Why does your website need improvement?

Why do you need to take necessary actions to make your website better than it is right now? Find out below

  • Lower bounce rate 

A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website without performing the desired action. Statistics reveal it takes about 0.05 seconds for your visitors to decide if they should stay on your website or leave. 

This means if your website is not in its best shape to not only attract but sustain your visitors’ interest within their first few seconds on your website, they will leave. And this means a high bounce rate on your website, which is bad business. 

On the other hand, building and improving your website to perfection will lower the rate of visitors who leave your website. Why? Because a good website doesn’t repel your customers, it attracts them and keeps them glued, long enough to take positive action. 

  • Increased conversion rate 

A great website leads to a high conversion rate. While the conversion rate may not automatically turn a visitor on your website into a customer, a good website makes your visitor linger on your website enough to take a specific step. 

This step could range from moving from one page on your website to the next page, filing a form, or hitting a call-to-action button.

 A good website ensures any action taken by your visitors gets them closer to making a purchase. The outcome of this is an increased conversion rate on the actions you need your visitors to take on your website. 

  • Earn customer satisfaction 

One of your top priorities as a business owner should be to satisfy your customers because it is your customer’s satisfaction with your brand that will determine if they will have repeated transactions with your business or not. 

Customer satisfaction doesn’t only ensure your customer comes back for more business transactions; it also guarantees that your customers don’t just remain customers but turn to loyal, raving fans for your business. 

When your customers have a pleasant and enjoyable experience on your website, they are motivated to come back to enjoy a pleasant experience with your business repeatedly. 

How to enhance your website in 4 steps 

enhance your website


How do you ensure your website is in the best position to generate the best results for your business? Check out the four steps you need to take. 

  • Use user-friendly fonts and colors 

The type of font you use and the colors you pick go a long way in making your website easy to use and navigate. 

You should use bold enough fonts to attract your visitors and make your visitors quickly grasp the text. 

In design, minimalism is key. Minimalist design gives your website a clean and clear outlook that enables visitors to understand your content to take quick, easy steps. 

Ensure to use different text hierarchies using different font sizes and use contrasting colors to highlight important text that will attract your visitors’ attention to them.

  • Make your website mobile-friendly 

Making your website mobile-friendly for your users is very important to increasing your sales and retaining your visitors. 

Research states 88% of consumers who search for a business on Google end up making a purchase within 24 hours. 

On the other hand, 61% of customers are unlikely to return to a website if they had trouble navigating on the website through their phones, and 40% of them go to competitors’ websites instead. 

To retain the customers who visit your website, you must ensure your website isn’t only accessible on desktops but also mobile. 

  • Make your website responsive 

Your website visitors are always in a hurry. 

They want to access your website in time, skim through your website to find what they are looking for, and take necessary actions as quickly as possible. 

If your website is slow to load, it frustrates your customers and makes them leave your site in no time. 

To create a good impression and retain your visitors, ensure your website is responsive and user friendly to make your visitors’ experience on your website a pleasurable one. 

  • Conduct concept testing survey 

Concept testing surveys are used to evaluate the rate at which your customers accept your product and services before introducing your product to the market. 

A concept testing survey is important to know how your visitors feel about your website. 

By conducting a concept testing survey, you will gain insights on what areas to improve on your website to give your visitors a better experience. 

When conducting a concept testing survey, ensure to use a high-quality concept testing questionnaire as this is crucial to acquiring accurate results on your concept testing survey. 

5 best tools to help you make your website better 

The success of your website depends on the types of tools you use to gain actionable insights on how to create a better experience for your visitors. Below, we discuss the five best tools to use to create a good website your visitors would love. 


Maze is an effective testing tool that enables you to test your websites to get insights on how well your visitors accept your website. Rather than make the wrong hypothesis, Maze gives you accurate insights into the success of your website. 

It also enables you to create user surveys and usability tests to discover your website’s visitors’ experience. 

You can work around the insights Maze Provides you with to improve your website to meet your visitors’ needs. 


HotJar is a behavior analytics tool that lets you see exactly how your visitors respond to your website. 

With HotJar, you can know exactly why your visitors are bouncing off your website, at what point they got stuck, and why they didn’t take expected actions. 

HotJar offers you various tools to track your visitors’ journey on your app. And these include heat maps, form analytics, and season recordings. 

HotJar heatmaps let you visualize the rate of clicks and taps your customers made on your website to know what influences their actions. 

HotJar provides you with surveys so you can get direct feedback from your users to figure out what led to cart abandonment and high bounce rates on your site. 

With HotJar, you can optimize your website to get the best results. It enables you to figure out bugs and improve your UX to create the best experience for your visitors. 


GTMetrix is a speed optimization tool that lets you quickly identify how fast your website loads. 

GTMetrix lets you visualize your website’s waterfall to know how well assets load on your website and how quickly they load too.

GTMetrix also allows you to view your website’s responsive rate on different devices to create a seamless experience for all your visitors. 

It also notifies you when your website’s speed is slow and gives you insights on what to do about it. You can also monitor your website’s speed performance over time to track its progress.

GTMetrix also ensures your website’s fast speed isn’t restricted to specific locations by enabling you to test your website speed across 22 different locations worldwide. The insights from GTMetrix enable you to implement new ways to improve your website speed to enhance its responsiveness.



Wave is a website accessibility tool that figures out accessibility issues on your website.

It provides information on what factors are making your website inaccessible to your website so you can make adequate improvements to enhance your website’s accessibility. 

With Wave, you can identify accessibility errors such as missing links, small text sizes, and lack of color harmony on your website. 

Wave gives you all the insights you need on the aspects of your website your visitors got stuck with and what text is incomprehensible for your audience to understand. 

With the feedback Wave provides, you can focus on fixing the exact areas your audience needs help when accessing your website content to convey the right message to your visitors and get your visitors to do what they need to do when they are on your website. 


SEMrush is a functional SEO tool that helps improve your search rankings on Google search engine to enable your audience to find you easily. 

SEMrush lets you conduct keyword research to know the topics your audience is looking for to create content around those topics to create relevant content for your customers.

Besides giving you access to keyword research, you can monitor your Search results positions, perform competitor analysis and analyze your backlinks.

SEMrush gives you actionable information about your website’s progress and provides valuable suggestions on how to improve your website rankings to enable your audience to locate your business easily online. 


Website tools can help you improve your website and optimize your business for success in many ways. This article discussed why you need to improve your website and our five best website tools that can help enhance your website for the best results.

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