Do you need a free Tumblr theme for your blogging or writing career? Tumblr is a great microblogging platform but finding the best free Tumblr theme for a blogger is not easy. Don’t worry as long as I am here. Today I am here with some best free blogging Tumblr themes for writers and bloggers.

You should be professional when you select a Tumblr theme for your blog. A good Tumblr theme can grow your influence to your audiences. You should always be careful about the responsiveness of the theme and the design. Never use a Tumblr theme on your blog if it is not mobile responsive. Because nowadays most people are browsing the internet through their mobile devices.

I have researched on the internet and collected some great free Tumblr themes for writers and bloggers. Those Tumblr themes are responsive and cute looking. I am pretty much sure that you will find the best free Tumblr theme for your blog.

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Enough, Let’s enjoy free Tumblr themes for bloggers.


1. Basic – Free Tumblr theme for bloggers

Basic is a free Tumblr theme for blogger writers. If you want a simple but user-friendly Tumblr theme for your Tumblr blog, no doubt basic is the best. Basic Tumblr theme support all types of posts including videos, images, and audios. Basic Tumblr theme is mobile responsive and retina ready so it will perfectly fit on any devices around the world. Also, this theme supports Disqus comments. If you want to see the power of this theme please check out the live preview and explore features that basic free Tumblr theme has.

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2. Persona – tumblr theme for a personal blog

Persona is a great Tumblr theme for personal blogs. With this excellent Tumblr theme, you will able to give your blog a stunning and professional look. This free Tumblr theme is amazing and very easy to customize. This theme has the feature to connect your social media accounts to your blog. TO create the strong first impressions you can add up to 5 header images. You can add your logo, change colors easily because its a very customizable free Tumblr theme created for personal blogs.

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3. Ashley – minimal free blogging Tumblr theme

This is a minimal Tumblr theme for bloggers and you get this Tumblr theme absolutely for free. You will get everything you need for your blog from this free theme. This highly customizable Tumblr theme allows you to change fonts layout types quickly.

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4. Hipster – Popular free tumblr them for writers

Hipster is a popular Tumblr theme and you get this premium quality Tumblr theme for free. This Tumblr theme has unique features like, sticky content, ability to navigate content with the keyboard. You can add Instagram for displaying your latest pics from Instagram. It has a premium version also, you can try the premium version of this Tumblr theme if you need more features. Honestly, this Tumblr theme will give your blog a very professional look.

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5. Simplify – Simple free Tumblr theme for writers

Simplify Tumblr theme is a very favorite free tumbler theme among bloggers and writes. The simplicity of this tumbler theme will blow your mind. This Tumblr theme is responsive and SEO friendly. This free Tumblr theme supports Disqus comments and Google analytics.

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6. Oscar – modern Tumblr theme

This is a modern Tumblr theme for bloggers. No matter what kind of blog is yours, it will fit for any kind of blog whatever its personal blog or professional. You won’t find any Tumblr themes as modern as Oscar. This highly customizable theme supports all types of Tumblr posts. This free Tumblr theme will give you a flexible and smooth feeling of Tumblr blogging.

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7. Anchor – Tumblr theme for professional writers

Anchor Tumblr theme has been created for professional bloggers. You will able to change every single color of this tumbler theme even the icons as this free blogger Tumblr theme has the full-color customization feature. If you are a professional writer and finding the best Tumblr theme for writers you can use the Anchor free Tumblr theme to enhance your writings through the Tumblr blogging platform. You can highlight your best post with an optional row across the top. I personally did not see this feature on any other tumbler theme.

This free Tumblr theme also has some other cool features like Disqus comment support, Google analytics support, Facebook like and Tweet buttons, and simple drop-ins in the theme code for the standard banner ad sizes. SO this theme will help you to advertise in an amazing way. Is not it great, what else you expect from a free Tumblr theme?

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8. Rank & File – Free Tumblr theme for group bloggers

This is a functional blogging Tumblr theme for group bloggers. If you want a free Tumblr theme for group blogging Rank & File is the best. The theme publisher said this theme is for professional bloggers but not for the conservative. This free Tumblr theme comes with a wide array of options and functionality.

Some cool features of this Tumblr theme:

  • Use the middle column to embed another Tumblr, your tweets, or your Liked posts.
  • Choose any color for the gray strip running across much of the design.
  • Notch your avatar for a flag look, or replace the whole header area with a custom graphic.
  • Customize the navigation menu with Page support.
  • Credit your authors within each post.
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9. Simple Things – bloggers Tumblr theme

Simple Things theme is a minimal free Tumblr theme for bloggers and writers. This Tumblr theme makes your Tumblr blog look simple but effective. This customizable free Tumblr theme will help you to fine-tune according to your liking very easily. This has endless scrolling features I mean infinity scrolling function with this free Tumblr theme.

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10. Pink touch 2 – lightweight tumblr theme for bloggers

This is a lightweight free Tumblr theme for writers who want to share the longer post through their Tumblr blog. The design of this Tumblr theme is cute. This Tumblr theme is also good for longer posts.

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I hope you got your best free Tumblr theme for your Tumblr blog. If you have any better recommendations about a great free Tumblr theme for writers or bloggers please don’t forget to mention the Tumblr theme in the comment box. I will update the post and add the theme you mentioned for writers and bloggers.


I am Adol, a web developer, and blogger from Bangladesh. Designing is my passion. I love to share my knowledge and useful information through my posts. Ask me anything I know the answer because I have google :)