Hi there, Today I am going to show you how to add Google analytics to your Squarespace website easily. Today I will show you every step with images.

Google Analytics is a great tool to understand your website visitors behavior. Its allow you to see every analytics data you want to see of your website. So every Squarespace website owner should add Google analytics to their website to understand whats going on with the site in details. The knowledge from google analytics can help you to grow your website more and attract more visitors.

Squarespace understands how important it is to add google analytics to Squarespace website and they made it very simple. If you are non-techy, you can also add google analytics to your Squarespace website easily with few clicks.

How to add Google Analytics to Squarespace website

This is very easy to do, here is the short list of what to do if you want to add google analytics to your website.

  1. Find your Google Analytics tracking ID
  2. Go to your Squarespace website
  3. Go to the settigns> Advance> External API Keys
  4. Copy and paste Google Analytics tracking ID
  5. Save it, you are done.


At first, you have to find your Google Analytics tracking code. If you don’t have the google analytics account, create a new account. Click here to create an account with google analytics. I think I don’t have to explain how to create a google analytics account. It is very easy and takes a few minutes to create.

When you are in, click on the admin tab.

Then click on the tracking info a drop-down will open. Then tap on the tracking code.

You will get your Google Analytics tracking ID.


Add Google Analytics tracking ID to your Squarespace website

Now you have your Google Analytics tracking ID and you have to add this on your Squarespace website. Log in to your Squarespace account and open your website dashboard.

Click on the settings.

Then go to Advance.

Then click on External API Keys.

You have to copy your google analytics tracking code and paste it here.

How to add google analytics to squarespace

Paste your code and save it. You are DONE. It can take time to collect data from your website and show through google analytics dashboard. So you may have to wait for 2-3 days to see analytics data of your website.


Method 2: Add google analytics to Squarespace by injecting tracking code

I already showed you how to add google analytics to Squarespace. The first method will work perfectly and easy also. But I want to show you a different way to add google analytics to your Squarespace website.

Go to your google analytics account and copy the entire tracking code from there.

Now got to your Squarespace account and open your website. Then go to Settings>> Advance>> Code injection. And paste your tracking code inside the header tag. Then save the code.


Both methods are easy to use, but I suggest you follow the first step.

I hope you successfully added Gooogle Analytics to your Squarespace account. If you have any question about how to add google analytics to Squarespace or having any problem to do that. Let me know via comment. If you think this article helped you I think I deserve thanks. Is there anything else you want to know about Squarespace? I want to make regular posts about Squarespace tricks and tips.


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