Today I will show you some best examples of material design websites to draw your inspiration. If you want to make your website versatile and more user-friendly then you should try to implement google material design to your website.

In this article I will not just only show you material design website examples, I will also show you some source of material design from where you can gather more inspiration about material design.

Material design is a design language which is designed by Google in 2014 and till now its a popular design concept. Material design is something that looks touchable and playable. In modern design, age may of website owners redesigning their websites and switch to material design. So I decided to make this post and give some inspirations about google material design websites. If you are passing a hard time how should a material design look like then the post might be helpful for you.

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Here are some best material design website examples

I have researched the internet to find those material design websites. I hope you will like the list. They will give you an idea about how a material design really looks on real websites.


1. material design website

This is a file downloading website and I have used this website several times to download files. This is one of the best examples of material websites. If you visit one the website you will see how they make their website fantastic using material design. Using animation, colors, and shadows they made their website user attractive.


2. Dribble

Dribble is a great resource for designers to get design inspiration. Their official website is also an example of material design website. You will get more material design inspiration if you browse designs from designers. Just type material designs in the search box and get hundreds of material design examples from various designers.


3. – Material design blog website example

This is an example of material design blog website. if you are finding a good example of a material design blog then you can follow their design. They created their website with simple material design and the website is very much user-friendly.


4. – Material design websites

This one of the best material design website examples with cool animations. They followed the proper guideline of material design provided by google. If you land on the website homepage, the webpage will open with an amazing animation effect. You will see more design and animation if you browse other pages of this website.


5. – Material design


This is another example of a material design website. This website has a very professional slider with animation which will blow your mind at a glance.


6. Material Design Blog 

This is a blog website with material design. The website also publishes blogs about material design. If you are interested to learn more about the material design you can follow their website.


7. Kiosk Browser – Material design website example

This is a website for browser app for android and their website is designed with google material design principles.


8. – Material design website examples

Angulario is a development framework and the website is beautifully designed with google material design concept. If you are looking for best material design websites as examples you can check their website. You will get a perfect inspiration from the website about the material design.


9. – material design website

Do you know the name of the most popular framework for website design? yes it’s bootstrap. MDBootstrat is the material design version of the bootstrap framework. You can make a professional website in short time and easily if you use the bootstrap framework on your website. It also helps to make a website mobile responsive.


10. – example of material design website

APKMirror is also a perfect example of best material design websites. It’s an app store where you can find and download android apps for free. I am sure they used material design on their website because the website is about android apps.


11. Google play store – Material design website example

Who is not familiar with google play store. I think you also might visit the website at least once in your life. The design of the google play store website is material. You can get inspiration for the material design from the website also.


12. – Clean material design website

The website design is very neat and clean and I can say this is also the best example of material design websites. If you visit their website you will love the design of the website.


13. – Material design websites is a website using material design on their website. The design of the website is amazing with some cool premium quality animation.


14. Inbox by google

Inbox by Google is another website using material design. It’s a google product so goole will use their own design concept on their websites is common. The design of google Inbox is awesome.



Finding those best material design website examples was hard. I spent a lot of time to find those material design websites. I hope you loved the article and you found your design inspiration for your next website design. If you know any material design website name please mention the website in the comment box, I will add the website to the list. I will find more material design websites in the future and update the list. If you have any problem to design your website don’t forget to contact with me. I will try my best to help you.


I am Adol, a web developer, and blogger from Bangladesh. Designing is my passion. I love to share my knowledge and useful information through my posts. Ask me anything I know the answer because I have google :)