I will show you some best Squarespace website examples in today’s post for your inspiration. I hope you will get an idea about Squarespace websites with the help of this post.

Squarespace is being popular day by day because of ease of use and easy to use interface. Creating websites using Squarespace is very easy. Without any technical knowledge, any newbie can make a professional website using Squarespace within just a few hours. There are many professional Squarespace templates, you can select any of them and start designing your Squarespace website.

You can make any kind of website using Squarespace CMS. You can make Squarespace portfolio websites, Squarespace blog websites, Squarespace business websites, Squarespace eCommerce website,s and almost any type of websites. You just have to pick a perfect template according to your website niche and start creating.

Although Squarespace is a very easy to use website builder, it’s hard to make the design concept. And this is the time when you may need to see some Squarespace website examples and get the idea to implement on your next website. Some people want to know more about Squarespace and want to see how Squarespace websites look in real. Whatever you need the inspiration or want to see some examples before decide to use Squarespace for your next website or not, this post will be helpful for you.


Squarespace website design examples

I am a Squarespace website designer and created hundreds of Squarespace websites in the last few years. I know finding good Squarespace website examples is hard. There are man examples of Squarespace websites but all of them are not good enough. I spent a lot of time to collect those websites and added them to this list.


1. FundedBuy – Squarespace website

This is a nice Squarespace website example. You may wonder how they made such a good website on Squarespace.  This is the magic of graphics. If you can use good graphics on your website your website look will be professional. This website is pretty simple neat and clean. The website was designed for a better user experience.


2. Greenhouse Money – Professional Squarespace websites


A professional website design example built on Squarespace. This is one of the best Squarespace website examples on Squarespace website builder. They used some custom designs to achieve this professional design.  Using images and better typography made the website more appealing.


3. Kaiti Orf – Squarespace blog website

This is a Squarespace blog website example. If you are finding Squarespace blog examples you can visit the website. The website has a header with menu, logo and social media links. On the homepage, they also added the Instagram feed and newsletter subscription function.


4. Belt Creative – Creative agency website

Belt Creative is a creative agency website built using Squarespace. The design of this Squarespace website is professional and creative. The menubar with the dropdown design is stunning. They added a button on the menubar. The footer design of the website is also professional with useful links.


5. Josh Sundquist – Motivational speaker website example

A very creative example of Squarespace website design. I am impressed with this design. The website was designed using a brine template and the web developer took two months to design this website. This is one of the best examples of consulting Squarespace websites.


6. Jen Kupcho – Feminine Squarespace website

6 pages Squarespace website of a female consultant. Under the header bar, they added a full-page banner image with her image. They used parallax effects on banner images. This type of website design is popular among female website owners. The website also has blog function. The blog page layout is also good.


7. Dr. Daniel Williams – Healthcare website

If you understand design then I am sure you will love the design of this website. This is a personal website built on Squarespace for a doctor. The website design is very professional with a user-friendly layout. This type of neat and clean design website can increase user engagement. Personally, I really love this kind of design.


8. Holiday World – Traver agency Squarespace website

This is a travel agency website built using the Squarespace website builder. A fully organized website example. The design of the homepage and other pages are great. You will understand after visiting this website, what type of professional websites can be built using the Squarespace website. The header with the topbar is awesome.


9. The Good Story – Nonprofit Squarespace website example

This is a creative design Squarespace website for nonprofit. They used images on their website in a creative way to make the website design creative and professional. The overall design of this website is great. If you want to have a creative website for your own company you can get inspiration from this Squarespace website example.


10. F2 Strategy – Squarespace business website examples

This is another best Squarespace website example. This website is for a financial strategy company. Illustrated images gave the website a different feel than others. The design and typography are great. There are very few Squarespace websites like this. I think this is a great website to follow and get inspiration.


11. Upstate Laundromat – Smallbusiness Squarespace website

This is a laundry service Squarespace website. For a small business website, you can follow their website design strategy. This is a one page Squarespace website with the anchor. If you want to know how to make a fixed header on Squarespace you can read this article> Fixed Squarespace header on any template.


12. Pelham Medical Aesthetics

A good Squarespace website example for female entrepreneurs. The website owner provides personal consulting services through this website. This website has also a bocking option. If you want to make a Squarespace small business website and want to sell services through the website you can follow this website design.


12. National Asset Protection Agency


13. Fred’s Barbershop


14. Adam Barnes – Squarespace website examples

This is a Squarespace photography website example. If you want to have a minimal website for your photography portfolio on Squarespace you can follow this Squarespace website example.


15. Toad World/Quest Software


16. delilahcreative.com Squarespace design agency

squarespace website example

This is a Squarespace website of a Squarespace design agency. They create professional Squarespace websites for small businesses. Their main company website is very professional and has the feel of Squarespace website design. The website design is clean with perfect typography and images. They have a great slider on the homepage with text and images. They used some custom codes to give their website this kind of feel. They have added all the necessary pages it needs to describe its services.


17. Naturally Nomadic Travel

This is a travel agency website example built on the Squarespace website builder. The website was designed by a Squarespace circle designer. The website has a professional feel with a modern design. With a beautiful logo and banner, the website looks great. On the homepage, the website has a section for newsletter subscribers. This is a good example of Squarespace websites.


18. Arius Yoga – Squarespace yoga website example

This is a Squarespace website example for online yoga classes website. This website is integrated with Memberspace for the subscription system. If you are looking for a Squarespace website example for your yoga website you can follow their design. The website design is great with the parallax effect.


I hope you loved today’s article and you got the inspiration to make your next Squarespace website. Those best Squarespace website examples are collected from the internet. Don’t forget to let me know if you know of any good Squarespace website. I will add your suggested website to the list. If you need any help to create Squarespace websites you can contact me. There are many more Squarespace websites out there and I will try to add more examples in the future.


I am Adol, a web developer, and blogger from Bangladesh. Designing is my passion. I love to share my knowledge and useful information through my posts. Ask me anything I know the answer because I have google :)