The domain authority of a website helps to judge how a website will rank on different search engines.

It is a score on a score of 1 to 100, where one is the worst and 100 being the Ideal.

Moz determines the following factors to calculate the DA of a website:

  • Linking Unique Root Domains
  • Age of the Site
  • Social Signals 
  • Quality of the content
  • MozRank
  • MozTrust

The domain authority score of a website plays a great role in ranking a Wix website high in search engines.

Therefore, it is important to increase the DA of a site to increase the domain authority of your website.

In this article, we’re going to talk about some of the steps which can help to boost the DA of your WIX website.

8 Steps to Boost the Domain Authority of a WIX Site

1. Write Quality and Original Content

Write Quality and Original Content
Write Quality and Original Content

Writing original and high-quality content is one of the main factors in boosting the website’s authority.

Build the domain authority of your WIX site by creating unique content that must be relevant to the niche. 

Always focus on creating strong and effective headlines to catch the reader’s attention.

Try to write short and authentic sentences because long sentences are difficult to read and create more confusion.

Always cite the actual source of the content to prevent any plagiarized content issues.

Also, add useful and authentic media images in the article to increase its credibility.

Must add only those images that can help or add value to the written content.

2. Optimize the On-Page Content of your WIX Site

The other important step in boosting domain authority is to optimize the On-Page content of your WIX website.

Make sure that you optimize all on-page content including Title Tags, ALT Tags, and the entire content.

Simply pick a font style that is easy to read and include variations of the target keywords in the content.

Try to keep your permalinks relevant and short as well.

Use target keywords naturally in the content and must avoid keyword stuffing.

The most important thing is that format the entire content in such a way it has more chances of ranking high in search engines.

3. Do a Detailed Competitor’s Analysis

It is one of the most important steps in boosting the domain authority of your WIX site.

Make a detailed competitor analysis by checking the domain authority, PA, and spam score of your competitor’s website.

You can use MozBar to check these metrics in real-time.

While doing a detailed competitor’s analysis, if you want to check the domain score of multiple websites in a single click, use bulk da pa checker.

The checker helps to quickly calculate and check important Moz metrics of multiple websites just within a single click.

Once you complete the analysis, focus on improving the required metrics to beat your competitor. 

4. Work on the Technical SEO

Technical SEO focuses on completing low-level SEO tasks. 

Being a webmaster, once you correct the technical SEO of your WIX site from the beginning, you don’t have to correct it again.

If the technical SEO of your site is incorrect, then it may have a great impact on the DA of your site.

Some of the important SEO settings that you need to check are:

  • Quickly create and optimize the XML sitemap of your site
  • Register the Wix website with google analytics

How to add Google Analytics  to wix 

  • Add scheme information to help Google in understanding the context of the site
  • Must check the robot.txt setting 
  • Also, consider migrating your WIX site to HTTPS 

5. Get Links from High Authority Sites

Getting backlinks from high authority is still one of the most important factors for search engines.

It is essential for every site and getting a quality link is vital if you want to have a successful website.

So, try to get links to form high-authority websites to boost the DA of your WIX websites.

Getting quality links still carries enough ranking power and can drive both domain and page authority.

To get backlinks, you can use an analytics tool like Ahrefs backlink checker to find your top referring website.

Once you’ve done with the analysis process, get backlinks from the top referring sites through their roundup posts, guest blogging, and more.  

6. Make Website Mobile-Friendly

Make Website Mobile-Friendly
Make Website Mobile-Friendly

Currently, the majority of online users access the internet through their smartphones.

If your WIX site hasn’t been optimized for mobile use, then you’re completely far behind your competitors.

This will not only hurt your S.E. rankings, but it also plays a great impact on your visitors as well.


They may simply leave the site once they realize that the site isn’t being properly displayed on their mobile phone.

Being a webmaster, you can visit this Mob-Friendly Test page by Google to check the mobile-friendliness of the site.

7. Use Social Media Platforms

The search engine uses social signals as one of the factors in identifying the content’s quality.

A piece of content that is being liked, shared, or commented on social media shows the quality of the content.

Moz uses these social signals in determining the domain authority of a website.

So, simply promote your site’s content through different social media platforms to obtain more social signals.

This will help to boost the domain authority of your WIX website within no time.

Being a webmaster, you can also add social share buttons on your webpages as well.

8. Remove Bad or Toxic Links

To boost the DA of your website, you should go through your link profile to search for any bad or toxic links.

You can use Ahrefs broken link checking tool to quickly find toxic or broken links on your website.

This will help you to easily remove links from websites having high spam scores to end up hurting your site’s DA.

You must remove those links that lead your site to bad sites as these also harm the ranking as well.

Final Words

The domain authority of a website is important for multiple reasons and it allows users to judge the overall performance of a website.

If you want to improve the domain authority of your WIX site, first, you need to write high-quality content and then quickly optimizes the On-Page content of the site.

After analyzing the on-page content, do a detailed competitor’s analysis and improves the technical SEO of the site.

The most important step to boost the domain authority is to get quality backlinks from high-authority websites.

Also, use different social media platforms to drive more organic traffic.


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